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Posted by on Mar 3, 2017 in Articles, Podcast | 3 comments

(AUDIO) Jota. Lionel Road. Orient Going Bust? – Ipswich Town Pre-Match Podcast

(AUDIO) Jota. Lionel Road. Orient Going Bust? – Ipswich Town Pre-Match Podcast

Spring is nearly upon us and the Beesotted crew are in fine form as another victory – albeit a rather hard-earned one against bottom of the table Rotherham – has put the Bees on the front foot for the final 1/4 of the season.

Meeting up once again in the Vitrual Joint bar, the Bees crew put the word to rights discussing the Rotherham Game. The forthcoming Lionel Road new stadium Build. The woes of liquidation-threatened Orient and badly run Villa who lost £83m last season. The screening of Wonderkid – the movie about an England footballer coming out. And the Ipswich match at the weekend.

In the bar

Billy Grant
Dave Lane
Liberal Nick
Carl Massey

0m – intro
10m 31 sec – Fans in the pub after Rotherham Game
14m 39 sec – Beesotted crew talk Rotherham
39 m 48 sec – Lionel Road building work has commenced
53m 52 sec – Orient Liquidation Threat and Aston Villa £83 million loss
1hr 07 min 36 sec – Beesotted crew talk about the Wonderkid screening hosted by Brentford – a film about a gay England footballer coming out
1 hr 19 min 44 sec – Beesotted crew discuss Ipswich
1h 25 min 41 sec – END

Beesotted End of Season Bees Up 


  1. Doubters please take note,The Orient situation shows how lucky the Bees are to have a fan like Benham running our club.

  2. Brentford give up, after 55 minutes, deadlock unbroken.
    I have read new info, that alleges tnat Benhan wanted to add to the squad, for a promotion push , while Warburton demurred, stating a squad disruption factor.
    I will watch Benhan, to se if “hobo”‘s love affair with “the great dictator”, is warranted.

    • I knew you would take the bait, Benham,Warbs,love/admiration for them both “Brian”,unlike you.
      Just don’t understand your Beef with Benham? after all hes done and is doing for our club,including employing your beloved Mr Warburton.
      Four year stint in the championship is good enough for me “Brian”, rather than the fifth tier of the football league,thats where we were heading(like the poor old Os) pre-Bees United and Benham.

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