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Posted by on May 4, 2017 in News | 4 comments

The Beesotted Conspiracy Theory Podcast – Will Bees Help Blackburn Avoid Relegation?

The Beesotted Conspiracy Theory Podcast – Will Bees Help Blackburn Avoid Relegation?


Dave Lane, Liberal Nick and Jim Levack chew the Bees fat in the virtual boozer this week to discuss the draw at Fulham, those bloody clapper things, the end of season blues, the Directors of Football and the summer’s tranfer policy, conspiracy theories about Brentford’s role in Nottingham Forest or Blackburn Rovers’ relegation and a look back at the end of season Beesotted Social Club knees up last weekend.


Running Order
00:00 Intro with Dave Lane, The Liberal and Jim Levack
05:14 Brentford and Fulham fans speak after the game
08:45 Summing up of the Fulham match
15:25 Those bloody clappers, drums and flares
26:53 The end of season blues?
32:36 The Brentford Directors of Football situation
47:45 Conspiracy Theories about Brentford rolling over for Blackburn!
54:00 Blackburn predictions and pedantry




  1. Fulham v Wolves, was the game to see, where the Old Gold, took The Cottage to the cleaners; Brentford came nowhere near that scintillating performance, so let’s keep a level head, when bigging this result. Great game.
    BFC, have a big way to go, to get promotion; one prerequisite, would be a weak line up in the Championship, for next season and a consistent level of performance, which has eluded the team, so far, but here’s hoping!

  2. Dear Mr Boru

    Assuming you’re not a wind-up merchant (though most evidence suggests otherwise)…

    Wow, Wolves played well in one game, add another if you take the game at GP. However, their record over 45 games suggests that they are some way behind Brentford. So let’s not go overboard on them either.

    There have been some poor games in the last few months, but still some of the football we’ve seen recently has been as good or maybe better than what we saw under “he who shall not be mentioned”. Not that you ever acknowledge it, which makes many think you’re doing it deliberately.

    I can be as critical as anyone at times, but I get equally annoyed by people who can’t find it in themselves to give credit where it’s due.

    If you’re a troll, the act is getting very tiresome; however, if you’re actually being serious, your attitude is seriously disturbing.



    • Hi Gordon,

      I attended the Fulham v Wolves game, with my friend who is a Fulham supporter, so my impressions are from first hand observation; it was a thrilling game.
      I give credit where it is due and am not swayed by partisan emotionalism. I take an interest in several club, including, Brentford, Crawley and Lewes, as they are all places I have lived, or live and I like to support the local club.
      I don’t recognise the slang term, “troll”, as I was educated at Isleworth Grammar School and my excellent English teacher, taught me to despise and avoid such corruptions of the English language; just use plain English; you are doing me a disservice, if you jump and accuse me of insincerity regarding my opinions. You also seem to harbour a touchiness regarding Warburton. I stoutly made a case for the quality of his tenure as , what was to be, the last real “manager” at BFC; I make no apology nor weaken my position regarding my support for MW.
      I think BFC,would be in a better place now, if MW had not been obliged to move on, by Benham’s intransigence. I thought “the other site”, in implying a hope that Notts Forest would fall, was pretty malevolent against MW.
      I think BFC, did there best, in the last home game , against Blackburn, but, am I allowed to dare to make any honest observations? I know you are regarded as some kind of club Guru. I thought Dean, was disgraceful, with his thuggish face on controntation; totally unnecessary, as Blackburn played a fair game, were very brave and deserved another penalty.
      BFC , were well beaten. It struck me, how diminutive the BFC players are, how ineffective are their corners. Jota, is good. Canos is good, early in a game, but is hot headed and doesn’t see the better placed colleague, when shooting. Kerchbaumer, wasn’t at all bad and had a shot on goal deflected wide. Sawyers, was not at all good, with eighty percent of his passes, short and unambitious, or wayward and he fears tackling. The squad really needs some investment and beefing up, for next season and , hopefully, results will follow.

  3. Dear Mr Boru

    I am truly amazed that you are not a ‘troll’.

    While on the English language, it was a shame your excellent English teacher didn’t teach you the difference between ‘there’ and ‘their’ or pick you up on your excessive and unnecessary use of commas. Hey ho.

    For the record…

    I was sad to see Warburton go, but surely two years later everyone needs to move on?

    We have finished above Wolves every year since we got promoted. So let’s not go overboard with the praise as they clearly didn’t hit those standards very often.

    The last few months of the season, while not perfect, provided us with some excellent, entertaining football, as shown by our goal scoring stats. Why do you never acknowledge this kind of thing?

    ‘I know you are regarded as some kind of club Guru.’ Once I stopped laughing about that one, I was wondering where on earth you got that impression. I am about as popular on here as a fart in a spacesuit; luckily, with your constant negativity and inability to say the slightest positive thing about the club, you have taken over as the most despised poster on here, for which I grudgingly congratulate you.



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