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Beesotted is a fans network for Brentford Football club supporters. If you would like to contribute to the website or write for the fanzine please get in touch using the message box below. The current editorial team are:

Dave Lane
Editor of the Beesotted fanzine since 1990 and supporter for more years than I can now remember. My favourite all time Bees are Terry Hurlock and Andy Sinton. I once scored an own goal at Griffin Park playing against Hey Jude and am never allowed to forget it.

Billy Grant cites 30 plus years of hurt. Chris Kamara, Francis Joseph and Richard Cadette are still top Bees in my book. Used to run contraband boats, trains and coaches to away games under the monicer ‘The Official Unoffical’ and have been writing on and off for Beesotted for 20 years. Now more likely to be found behind the piano in one of the Brentford boozers posing as the music man or catching six winks on the way back from an away game. Uses the phrases ‘loyal’ and ‘easylife’ quite a lot.
Twitter: @billythebee99

The Condorman watches Brentford excitedly from the back of the Ealing Road and writes several unpopular yet longstanding columns for Beesotted including “Eye Spy”, “Those we have loved”, “Beerotic Fiction” and “The Man in the Pub” – Twitter: @Condorman

Savvy Bee
Instrumental in getting rid of Noades, Webb, Leroy and Butcher by holding up banners and booing a lot. Single-handedly got us promotion several times but Holder, Noades and Scott continue to take the plaudits. Still fondly remember going “wooo!” every time Neil Smillie got the ball.

To contact any of the Beesotted team please fill in the contact form below, or e-mail beesotted1992(at)


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